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How cycling continues to change my life

A 4iiii employee profile with Jerold Hoshowatiuk, Customer Experience Specialist This is the story of how Jerold from our customer service team became a tester in our labs and rediscovered himself as an athlete. This year, Jerold has embraced training with power, has participated in a number of events, lost over 120 lbs, and has […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Zwift

For some cyclists, racing and training outdoors all year round isn’t always feasible. With the kind of weather we get here in Canada for example, that means a lot of indoor training, and for many, it means riding in the virtual world of Zwift. Zwift — The Basics What is Zwift? It’s a 3D virtual […]

What is FTP? Why does it matter for Cyclists?

FTP – What is it? FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power, defined as the highest power that you can maintain in a quasi-steady state, without fatiguing, for approximately one hour (measured in watts). Both FTP and the commonly used 20-minute testing protocol were developed by Dr. Andrew Coggan, co-author of Training and Racing with a […]