Friday File, July 24, 2015

It’s a great week to quickly talk about our app update, the peloton heading to Paris and some fav cycling routes.

To accompany last week’s firmware 0.2.0 release, the 4iiii mobile apps for both Android and iOS have also been upgraded. Most relevant to you is the fact that the menu now offers a link to both PRECISION’s current calibration values as well as the initial values calibrated in factory. All in all, the improved app will make future upgrades easier. The new Android version has already hit the Google Play store and is available to you now. iOS users will have access as soon as the app clears the Apple approval queue.

As we enter into another great summer weekend in the Northern Hemisphere, we hope you’re enjoying watching the last few stages of pro racing and the Tour de France. No doubt you’ve found your own mode of staying tuned in to the action with all of the excellent coverage out there. Apart from being continually impressed with how much power the pros push, we’re in awe of some of the climbs this week – particularly the Lacets de Montvernier leg in the French Alps. Have you seen the aerial view of the switchback route that Road Bike Action shared? Spectacular. It’s easy to understand why there were no spectators allowed on this route!

We’re sure that the Lacets de Montvernier climb has been added to many cycling bucket lists this week. We are fortunate to live adjacent to the Canadian Rockies so thought we’d start sharing some of the most memorable rides in this majestic mountain range. You can’t go wrong with the Icefields Parkway that takes you past fantastic glacier vistas, or the big, challenging climb of Highwood Pass (don’t let the snow in June scare you!).

What are your favourite rides?

S2 at Highwood Pass