Friday File October 16, 2015

Firmware upgrades for both Viiiiva and PRECISION are now in final testing along with updated versions of the 4iiii Android and iOS apps.

The Viiiiva heart rate monitor upgrade will soon give you a convenient 4iiii tap-to-pair function, which does just that – it lets you tap your smart phone to your Viiiiva for immediate pairing.  Great for hassle-free starts.

The upgrade will also feature a new heart rate algorithm that is more responsive and even better for tracking Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  In addition, Viiiiva’s file save functionality will simply store and forward your data.  This means that if you don’t have your phone and/or display unit (watch, bike head unit, etc.) with you during your activity, you can still save the data files and access them later.  Viiiiva will collect and store data from the Viiiiva heart rate monitor as well as any ANT+ foot speed and distance, foot cadence, bike speed, cadence and/or power sensor paired to the Viiiiva.  You ride, run, walk, or hike and then, when you want it, your information will be available for download through the 4iiii app to your phone or computer.  Easy. And if you happen to be on a great outing with your phone, watch or hub, the Viiiiva will still give you your as-it-happens real-time data.

Still part of the new upgrade, the Viiiiva will serve as a bridge to fitness equipment so that you can collect data while at the gym and later transfer it via the 4iiii app to your choice of training software.  The best of all worlds.

Moving onto cycling specifically, the PRECISION firmware upgrade will further increase battery life and also include a low battery indicator.  This battery alert will be transmitted to the 4iiii app as well as any ANT+ head unit paired with the power meter.  Additionally, an ‘advanced settings’ screen will let you match PRECISION’s output to other devices, should that be part of your regime.

All in all, the goal of these new features is to help you get the most out of your 4iiii devices and your activities.  Watch for in-depth instructions in the coming weeks.