4iiii Update, April 24, 2015

Having spent four sun baked days amidst thousands of cyclists in Monterey last week, our team had yet another opportunity to connect with excited riders.  Here are some fun facts from Sea Otter:

61% at this show are Mountain Bikers; 39% are Road Bikers.  Men make up 62% of visitors while 38% are female BUT more women raced at this year’s event than ever before.

Our resident Mountain Biker Janelle had this to say about the Cross Country Course:

“This was the perfect example of where riding with power data is highly beneficial.  The course was really fast and long (24 miles) with a 3500’ elevation gain, so the leaders would have been grinding through it at their optimal power level.”


Some of your recent questions have also led us to recap PRECISION fun facts.

  • PRECISION is lightweight (10 grams / .36 ounces) and small (< 38mm x 27mm x 7.5mm)Precision on left crank
  • Yes, it transmits via both ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy.  This means that PRECISION is compatible with over 80 existing ANT+ bike computers, apps and displays
  • When you send us your crank for Factory installation, your time without your crank should only be 7 – 12 business days (2-3 shipping in, 3-5 days install, 2 -3 days shipping out).  We won’t ask you to send in your crank until we are ready for it, so you won’t be without your crank any longer than necessary and, we will happily adjust your install dates to suit your race, cycling trip, etc. if you let us know your timing.
  • Just a reminder that if you send us your pre-owned cranks from North America and Mexico, you are covered under the NA Free Trade Agreement and will not be charged duty or taxes.  If you live elsewhere, you will be subject to varying amounts of tax depending on your country’s regulations.  We are actively working with our international partners to get you more specific information and will keep you posted.
  • PRECISION is super easy to use and gives you practical, straight-forward power and cadence (i.e. pedaling rate) data.  Data can be automatically transmitted to your display (watch, bike computer, and/or phone) in real time and also uploads to your favorite app (eg. Strava or Training Peaks) for post ride analysis.  Your Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor can be used alongside your PRECISION as well.