4iiii Update, April 17, 2015

Now that our Factory Install has ramped, and more and more of you are riding with PRECISION, we’re keen to bring you some perspectives from the power world.

The North American cycling season is clearly underway if the excitement at the Subaru Sea Otter Classic is any indication.  Sea Otter is known as the celebration of cycling and is pretty much the North American season opening.  Our crew is there in Monterey, CA this week meeting with road cyclists and mountain bikers alike who are giving the thumbs up for the $399US PRECISION price point.  Just as exciting, is the overall enthusiasm for power as a key metric for riders of every level, not to mention their coaches.

We recently spoke with Junior Performance Triathlon Coach Bart Ujack who has an enviable track record with junior draft legal racing and was the 2013 ATA Elite Coach of the Year.  Bart summed up power this way:  “There’s no question that understanding your power has become a game changer.  Plain and simple, it keeps you from wasting energy and burning matches.  Get the power profiles from winning races and you’ll also know the minimum requirements for staying in the lead pack.  With the data in front of you, you can analyze the information, train to that standard, and then meet or exceed your goals.  Ideally, I’d get all riders to train with power!”

Tis spring in the foothills – ie no snow on the ground! Where will your personal power take you this weekend? _NIE9295