PRECISION update April 10 2015

Our letters with projected factory installation dates have now been sent to individual customers and we hope that this gives you the planning information you need!  If you have ordered from 4iiii or Clever Training and have not yet received our notice, please double check your filter for an email from or write us at the same address and we will happily resend.

Many of you have commented on the delays on specific cranks. We originally planned a ‘self install’ PRECISION that physically fit those models first listed in our posted crank compatibility chart.

Since that time, to keep our commitment to our customers to provide $400 power, we introduced a PRECISION “factory install” program which has a wider form factor and fits onto wider left cranks.  To take care of as many riders as possible we are fulfilling those orders first that fit the current plastics and we have new housings, that will be moving to production in June, to conform to narrower cranks and right side cranks. We apologize to those that are affected by this delay.

Thanks to one of our customers, we have a new clearance measurement trick for those of you who have ordered through our beta Crank Purchase Program.  Obviously you don’t have your new cranks to measure so use a AAA battery to check the clearance between your existing cranks and your bike frame.  As you identify your flat install surface, simply move the battery (which is 10mm thick vs the 7.5mm of PRECISION) and slide it along the crank.  Note the place at which the battery hits either side and mark that on the measurement chart we provide to you.  This will give our Manufacturing team all the information they need for ideal placement of your PRECISION.

We’ll be at Sea Otter next week, riding with PRECISION.  Come visit us at booth #414!