Friday File, July 10, 2015

Today we bring you info on installation efficiencies as well as a tip of our hat to your exceptional efforts!

First off, to speed things up, PRECISION installation ship kits have now gone digital.  Once it’s your turn in the queue, we will send you the placement measurement and shipping instructions via email vs. post.  Eliminating this extra shipping leg from the process will shorten the time it takes to get your crank into the 4iiii factory and keep a more consistent manufacturing queue.  The new method will still give you all of the information you need to ensure the appropriate clearance for your PRECISION pod. Those of you with bike/crank combinations that are a bit trickier fitment-wise, such as those with a Trek Madone or any bike with a bottom bracket-mounted brake calliper, can still request a physical ship kit with a dummy pod. Placement of your power meter is key so we want you to have both options.   One more thing on installation processes, as per your requests, we’re transitioning to a new crank identification system -manufacturing-approved stickers labelled with all of your unique information.

We are also seriously impressed and inspired by all of our PRECISION customers who are committed to some major events this season.  Here are a few that you’ve told us about thus far: Ironman – Coeur D’Alene; Ironman -Deauville; Triathlon – Minneapolis; Lincoln Grand Prix – UK; Tour de Berlin – Germany; The Arctic Race – Norway; Ironman World Championships – Kona, Hawaii.

We respect that these races definitely push your personal limits, requiring extremely focused training, early mornings, hard intervals (that no one wants to ride with you!), three hour marathon trainer sessions before you work and/or sleep, adjusting training for your various seasons, etc., etc., etc.  To everything that you’ve already put into getting where you are, and to everywhere your ride is going to take you, we salute you!

Here’s a good ‘ol western tip of the hat from Greg, our Director of SW Engineering.  It’s one of our favourite times of year, Stampede in Calgary. Ten days of all things wild and western. Yahoooo!

Cowboy Greg_lo_yahoo