Friday File, July 3, 2015

No new product is without its hiccups and PRECISION is no different. Our customers have been providing us invaluable information (critiques as well as applause) that makes our product better…makes us better.   It is our intention to honour the excitement, respect the frustrations and take appropriate steps to address all of our customers’ concerns.

As you know, we’ve been addressing two issues since our product launch: battery longevity and accuracy. Neither of these affects all of our customers, but as they impact our overall standard and your expectations, we are intently working on an upgrade. This will transition directly into all product phases including right, carbon, self-install and other iterations.

Regrettably, we have just had to announce an additional delay with our right side PRECISION. All current right side customers have already received direct communications from us. We had been moving forward with confidence that we were going to meet our spec but latest testing revealed results below our requirements and forced a late re-evaluation. The reality of tech IP is that we can’t always provide thorough product development details but our intention has always been – and still is – to deliver a stellar right side solution. We have learned our lesson about issuing overly optimistic install schedules so will not give a new release date at this time. As soon as we do meet spec, however, our manufacturing efficiencies will make for quick factory installations.

Tis another warm week in Alberta. For those of you north of the 49th, Happy Canada Day! And to you south of the border, enjoy a great 4th of July!