Friday File, June 19, 2015

As you can see from our tracker, we are making healthy progress with processing the cranks in our backlog. Having said this, we are still behind schedule with all remaining orders. Reminder: if you have not heard from us directly this means that manufacturing is not yet ready for your crank, and we will be touch.  Your patience, along with your support of this product, is continually appreciated.

For those of you now riding with PRECISION, just a reminder that the utility of riding with a power meter goes far beyond knowing how hard you are pushing at any given time. Assuming that you know your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), here are three main areas where a power meter can help you achieve your goals:

  • Optimizing your training by allowing you to be sure that you are performing your workouts and intervals correctly.
  • Periodization of training by making sure that you’re as fit as you can be, but also optimally rested when you go into that big event, be it a Fondo or a big race.
  • Pacing during racing by making sure you don’t go out too hard in a time trial, or by making sure you don’t burn all of your matches before the race is over.

For those of you who want to know more, Hunter Allen has some great tips for bike racers on how to make the most of their power meters on his blog:

What can you do to stack the odds in your favor to make this war a winnable one for you or someone on your team? Train harder, train smart, and race even smarter are some of the keys to succeeding in cycling. Let’s talk about four ways (two in training and two in racing) that you can use your power meter to help you win the fight.”

To read the complete blog post please go to:

Its a Battle Out There: Using a Power Meter to Win

Happy Riding this weekend!