Friday File, June 5th 2015

We greet you this Friday with cranks, communications and cancer fund raising!


We’re happy to announce the addition of the Turn Zayante M30 road crank to our PRECISION compatibility list.  These cranks are built by Praxis Works, who are known for producing excellent quality products, such as chain rings and bottom brackets.  Manufacturers are equipping the Turn Zayante on bikes and they are a great after-market choice for cyclists and we are pleased to be able to install PRECISION on this model.


As promised, we are continually adding to our Factory to manage our backlog as quickly as possible and sending personal communications to all impacted.  Customers whose installation schedules have been affected by our factory delays are receiving updated information via direct emails from us.  Those of you still awaiting ship kits will also be contacted.  As always, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime at


To round out our week in sunny Alberta, our crew used the noon hour to host a BBQ in support of Joe’s team – the ride we told you about in an earlier post.  Everyone enjoyed good food and raised money for cancer research at the same time.  A definite win, win!


Have a super weekend!PRECISION Order Progress Graph