Friday File, May 29, 2015

A few points for you today re our factory installation, shipping charges and a “calibration reload” scenario being experienced by some customers. We are working hard to catch up from the manufacturing delay we experienced last week and hope to be caught up soon.

The factory installation program is focused on getting PRECISION on your own crank AND minimizing the amount of time that you are without your equipment.

When we process your order, we assign you a rough installation window.

  • Shortly before that window date, we’ll send you a pre-installation kit and shipping package/information. The pre-installation kit allows you to determine the optimal placement of the unit as we need to make doubly sure that there is enough clearance between the power meter and your bike’s frame.
  • Once you’ve marked the position for the installation, you send us your crank arm using the pre-paid shipping pack.
  • When we get your crank arm, it enters our Factory where we install PRECISION and then ship it back to you.

As you know, as part of our Factory Install, we currently cover the shipping costs to get your cranks to our factory. We also still subsidize the shipping of your crank back to you, which is why your shipping charges are minimal. Separate to shipping, however, is the fact that there are times when your country of origin also charges taxes and duties. This does not apply to North America thanks to NAFTA but each other country has separate rules and we continue to investigate ways to reduce all fees for you. FedEx also charges a convenience fee for expediting international deliveries, which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

A few customers have reported that they are getting cadence numbers, but either no or extremely high power numbers. This may happen when PRECISION loses its factory calibration values (not to be confused with the values shown when you zero your PRECISION using your head unit or mobile app). This problem can be fixed by reloading the factory calibration values through our 4iiii app, which is available for both iOS and Android

Connect to your PRECISION using the app, once you’ve installed it. Then use the appropriate menu option (Factory Restore on iOS, and Restore Factory Calibration on Android) to reload the values. With that step completed, zero your PRECISION and go for a ride!

See you next week!