Friday File, May 22, 2015

Today’s update is all about our production and your cranks. A few of you are noticing accuracy and/or battery concerns with your PRECISION. While the overall percentage of issues is small, any problems at all are important to us and are being thoroughly investigated. We believe that a software fix will address the matters and it is our priority to have that out as soon as possible.

Our production flow has been slower than anticipated and thus, our ‘In Factory’ dates are behind. We have already contacted customers who have cranks here or en route and will continue with other updates through this Friday file. For those of you who expected to be in factory by now but do not yet have ship kits, please know that we are intent on not having your crank here any longer than required so will only bring your crank in once we can process it. If you need to alter your factory dates once you receive your ship kit you certainly may do so by contacting us at

The PRECISION Pre-order Factory Install Tracker has been revised to give you the percentage of:
1. Scheduled installation (grey) of pre orders – up to March 31
2. Total ship kits sent to date (gold)
3. Customer cranks received at 4iiii Factory (black)
4. All cranks received at 4iiii Factory including those ordered via the crank program (green)
5. Orders fulfilled (red)

We are working diligently to close the gap between the black line (cranks received) and the red line (cranks out) which clearly shows the production delay. There are many of you who have been sent ship kits but have not yet shipped your crank to 4iiii. Gold line shows kits out vs the black line represents cranks received. We respect that our schedule may not suit yours and invite you to advise us of any changes so that we can keep the production flow going.

Check out our map to see where PRECISION is in the world – already 20 countries and counting!
Have a great weekend!