Friday File, May 15, 2015

Some app info and training wisdom for you this week!

The 4iiii app supports the 4iiii Viiiiva heart rate strap, PRECISION power meter, and Sportiiii heads up display. Both the 4iiii app on iOS, and the 4iiii Gear Configuration app on Android are where you go to:

  • pair ANT+ sensors through your Viiiiva to your smartphone,
  • configure your Sportiiii (4iiii iOS only).
  • gather information about your device including the current firmware version and your serial number for Viiiiva and PRECISION, reloading PRECISION calibration values,
  • zero (calibrate) PRECISION,
  • get the latest PRECISION and Viiiiva, over-the-air firmware updates,
  • customize your device name (for PRECISION, coming for Viiiiva)

The iOS app also functions as a head unit for all your Bluetooth Smart sensors. It’s able to connect to Bluetooth Smart-compliant foot pods, bike speed/cadence sensors, power meters, or heart rate monitors. The app will also allow you to display all data coming from your devices and record .fit files for your coach and fitness programs. You can also access your ANT+ device data in real time on your phone if you’re using the Viiiiva.

Tip of the day: To keep your battery fresh for your ride, take it out of the PRECISION pod while you’re traveling as continual bumping will wake up the unit. This will be improved in a future over-the-air upgrade.

And now, some wisdom from one of the world’s top power gurus, Hunter Allen. We are pleased that we will be featuring Hunter’s tips on a regular basis. Here’s the first:

“Traveling gives me a unique insight into how the people of this country are so very different – each bringing their own perspectives to cycling, power training and endurance sports.  We are similar though in that we have strengths and weaknesses, are limited in our training time, respond somewhat similarly to training stimuli and all want to improve.  These similarities are the key reasons why training with a power meter can help us to improve our cycling.  In my travels, I have met pro road cyclists, track athletes, ultra endurance mountain bikers, triathletes, recreational riders and many others,  each asking me questions about how they can best use their power meter to optimize their training time, optimize their chronic training load and also optimize their individual intervals as well.   The knowledge of using a power meter for optimization is one of the top asked questions that I get at my seminars and book signings.   Sure, everyone wants to hear about this pro or that pro and see how to analyze their power file in the TrainingPeaks WKO+ software, but the general theme is always around optimization.

After you have had a power meter for at least six to eight months, you will have plenty of data to review in order to find trends based on the training response to your training dose.   We each have limited time to train – you’ll make the best use of your time if you are focused during those key training hours.”   Read more at: