Friday File, September 11, 2015

We’re on the road again – this time to Interbike in Vegas!
As of Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be set up at the Outdoor Demo (aka Demo Days) where cyclists will be able to
ride with PRECISION on the set road course.  Then, Wednesday through Friday, we’ll go indoors (booth #
28226) to the tradeshow and work with industry partners to set up next year’s season.  As you know from all of
your own riding, cycling is one of those sports where it’s all about the collaborative effort and success.  The
overall industry is every bit the same as many of us collectively and enthusiastically grow the sport that is
taking the world by storm.  The result for you is access to products and information that will help you get to
where you’re going.
Speaking of which, there are more and more excellent events that give truly committed athletes a place to
push their own limits.  The Tour of Alberta, which ran throughout the Rockies recently, is one of those events.
It’s a 2.1 ranked professional stage race sanctioned by the Union Cycliste Internationale and featured 15 pro
teams from around the world.  Congrats to both the riding and organizational teams for adding to the
enormous wave of interest in cycling.