Friday File, September 18, 2015

Bullish (aka positive, thriving) seems to be a good word to summarize 4iiii and the cycling industry this week!

We’re happy to confirm that PRECISION’s right side solution is testing this month.  No release dates yet but we’re very pleased with the results thus far and will keep you updated via this blog.  (Current customers will also receive direct emails when we have a firm date.)

With some 1400 brands and 25,000 attendees at Interbike, the annual business-to-business show was solid proof that the cycling industry is on a proverbial roll.  Throughout the show week, we featured PRECISION at both the outdoor demo and exhibit areas.  Kip, our President and CEO, was part of our 4iiii crew:
“We’re excited that we’ve been able to develop an excellent power meter at a price point that gets more people riding with reliable power.  Cycling is one of those sports where it’s all about the collaborative effort and we’re as committed as ever to growing the overall industry by delivering really strong, relevant products.”

A big event at Interbike 2015 was the Cliff Bar CrossVegas race.  It jump-started the 2015-16 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup and was the first CX World Cup event outside of Europe.

As part of the event, Liv sponsored the Women’s Wheelers & Dealers Race in which our own PRECISION product manager placed 7th.  (See pic below)  Emma’s success was no doubt due in part to the Ridley X-Trail 2016 bike that our friends at Cross Bike Review  set her up with.  Huge thanks to the Scott, Inga and Joe, the beauty, brains and brawn behind the wise as well as spirited reviews of all things cyclocross.

Janelle riding on golden hill
Emma in Crossvegas