Innovative wearable sensor technology on an open API launched at CES today

4iiii Innovations today announced three products at CES in Las Vegas that take wearable sensors to a whole new level. Built on a 4iiii open API, with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart wireless communications (Liiiink), these new water tight hardware platforms open a myriad of possibilities for creative developers.

“Not only are these consumer products innovative in their own right, but the power of the hardware in these small pod devices will also open up any number of possibilities to developers looking for hardware to enhance their current app, or for creating new ones,” said 4iiii CEO Kip Fyfe. “Our hardware sensors can easily be integrated into third party apps to enable relevant solutions to both niche user groups and the masses. They are designed to be simple, dependable and robust. These pods are watertight enough to go through the washing machine!”

The three products announced today are the Viiiiva Mini a strapless Heart Rate Monitor, FYiiii, a haptic notification pod and SideKiiiick GPS. Product overviews are attached to this release. All three can be previewed at the 4iiii booth.

An example might be an app that relies on GPS which quickly drains a battery. If someone was hiking and relying on their phone for emergencies, they wouldn’t need to access GPS on their phone.This technology would allow the GPS smartphone app to offload its location services, saving the phone’s battery.

“Our engineers have developed this platform of technology that can transcend the sport based applications, allowing developers to integrate field upgradeable sensor data into everyday products.”

The founders of 4iiii continue to assert their engineering and technology expertise in the realm of wearable sensors. 4iiiii is founded and run by two of the same co-founders who started Dynastream Innovations Inc., a company that pioneered monitoring platforms including the patented highly accurate speed and distance foot pods, and ANT+ ultra-low power wireless protocol, commonly used in sport and wellness monitoring devices. Dynastream was sold to Garmin Ltd. in 2006.

“At 4iiii we develop products on open platforms because we believe that interoperability of sensors enables users to choose relevant, customized applications that keep the complexity low and the rewards for their efforts high.”

4iiii Innovations is a leader in the design and manufacturing of wearable technology. The Company’s products are based on an innovative platform that provides field upgradeable sensors and Liiiink connectivity. They include Cliimb, the Sportiiii heads-up audio visual data display and Viiiiva, a heart rate monitor that connects a full suite of sensors to a Smartphone; providing serious athletes with real-time and precise measurement of personal performance parameters.

For more information contact:

Chris Nieckar
Marketing Manager
4iiii Innovations
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Sidekiiiick by 4iiii Innovations

Sidekiiiick lets your favourite GPS smartphone app offload its location services thereby saving precious battery power. Sidekiiiick receives GPS/GLONAS/Galileo information such as coordinates (latitude/longitude), speed, time and height, and sends the data to a smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) or ANT+ for up to 10 hours between charges. Using the 4iiii API, GPS apps can provide more hours of use, so users can go farther and longer with their favourite app.

FYiiii by 4iiii Innovations

FYiiii is a wearable sensor the size of a few stacked quarters that gives an assured push to users for important reminders and smartphone notifications immediately and discreetly. It is also available to app developers with the 4iiii API. FYiiii is perfect for people who miss notifications and phone calls because their ringer is off or can’t be heard. FYiiiii enables users to be reached even when for instance a phone ringer is muted inside a purse or backpack. Whatever notifications you receive on your smartphone can be selected and pushed to FYiiii: calls, texts, calendar appointments, Facebook and Twitter notifications…imagine the possibilities. Notifications can even tell you when a timer elapses…never burn dinner again!

Viiiiva Mini by 4iiii Innovations

Viiiiva Mini is a Heart Rate monitor that can be worn almost anywhere on the body 24 hours a day for a week between charges. Viiiiva Mini stands apart from the competition because it can integrate easily to apps providin heart rate so that users can finally get credit for low movement activities like yoga meanwhile filtering ‘false-positive’ activity like driving down a bumpy road.

The full information set is provided to the user via 4iiii’s smartphone apps and an open API for developers. This release will include:

heart rate
activity level (measured in points)
number of steps
calories burned.
Users can also set up simple cues and notifications delivered discreetly throughout the day via the on-board vibrator, and a tri-color LED. For example, the user may set up an hourly vibe reminder to drink water, and a vibe/LED alert to indicate that heart rate is too high.