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Cutting through the fat: energy and power

Written by: Andrew Buckrell, Innovations Director, 4iiii Innovations Inc. This question always comes up.  How do I lose weight while exercising, and what are those pesky calories anyway?  Well, this is a two part discussion, and focuses on two different areas: thermodynamics and metabolism.  These are very scary words to many people, possibly behind only […]

4iiii Innovations Inc. is the Official Powermeter Sponsor for Israel Start-Up Nation’s Historic Tour de France Debut

Historic Debut Israel Start-Up Nation and their eight man roster will be riding with the dual-sided PRECISION PRO Powermeters and Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitors to help them reach their peak performance to reach the podium at the Tour de France. “4iiii provides the world’s lightest and most accurate power meters. Their heart rate monitor technology […]

Lex Albrecht on Power & Progression

Written by: Lex Albrecht I’ve been racing professionally since 2012. I got a late start. I don’t come from a typical athletic background where families often enjoy sports together, or encourage their kids to get into competition. I was the odd one out: I negotiated permission to attend dinner late so I could go jogging. […]

PRECISION and Accuracy

Written by: Andrew Buckrell, Innovations Director, 4iiii Innovations Inc. We often hear discussions about precision and accuracy, with the words being used interchangeably. Although I’ll admit, many things about how people perceive engineers drives me batty, this one possibly tops the list. Precision and accuracy are not interchangeable, and although they are both goals in […]

A Summer Without Racing – Creating the Ultimate Fondo

Written by: Mac Potter, Sales Key Account Manager, 4iiii Innovations Inc. It was 4:50 am and I woke up to what sounded like a car alarm going off outside of my house. In a tired daze I came to realize that it’s just my phone alarm. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and I […]